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A Quick Guide to 4th of July Family Photo Outfits

John Gilbert


The Fourth of July is an ideal time for family gatherings, cookouts, and celebrations. Take advantage of the family being together with a memorable photo session. The holiday gives you the chance to capture memories to look back on. As you plan a photo session, learn ways to infuse your pictures with the holiday spirit and choose outfits for everyone.

Use this guide as a starting point. The various tips will help you select the best clothing options for every member of the family.

Matching Shirts

Families can unite when everyone wears matching outfits for a photo session. On the Fourth of July, the concept is pretty easy to achieve with t-shirts or tank tops that all feature an American flag logo or red, white and blue color schemes. When everyone does wear the same shirt, rely on small details to add some individuality.

For example, one person could wear a red, white, and blue bandana around their neck. Each person could wear a different pair of patriotic socks. The smaller details add depth and layers to the photos. Present the matching t-shirts as a family gift before the photo session. Each year, you could purchase a new set of shirts and make the photos an annual tradition.

Similar Themes

If you do not want everyone to wear the same exact shirt, then you could go with a specific theme. On the Fourth of July, a common theme includes the American flag. Purchase shirts in different colors that all feature an American flag logo. Each family member can pick their favorite color so your photos have a wide range of colors in the pictures.

Choose colors based on gender options or in pairs. For example, female members of the family could wear pink or purple shirts with American flag logos while male members wear red or blue shirts. You could also choose to have all the adults in a specific color and the kids in their own color.

As you shop for shirts, try to visualize all the family members and how different combinations of shirts would photograph together.

Festive Accessories

Add to the Fourth of July theme with small accessories. For example, if everyone does not wear matching shirts, use American flag pins to incorporate the holiday theme. The small pins add a nice detail to pictures and family members can choose where they want to put their pin.

Sunglasses are another ideal accessories everyone can match with. Choose patriotic themes including those with American flag decals. If you take pictures in the middle of the day, the sunglasses will serve as a practical way to prevent squinted expressions in the photos.

One accessory you should avoid is hats, since they cast a shadow over people’s faces and create a lot of uneven lighting in photos.

Morning Sessions

Even with sunglasses, harsh light can impact the colors and shadows in pictures. Ideally, you want to plan your photo sessions in the early morning when the light is soft and golden.

One of the biggest obstacles you may have to contend with in the morning is the chill. Keep everyone warm and comfortable with matching hoodies. The warmer outfits still have the potential to match with patriotic themes and symbols like American flags. As the day gets warmer, family members can remove the hoodies. The extra layers also add ways to mix up photos and feature people in different outfits.

With multiple layers, you could have different photo sessions throughout the day. Ideally, you could transition from hoodies to t-shirts and even consider tank tops as a third layer.

Find many of your Fourth of July family photo outfit pieces at Patriotic Colors. We have a wide range of clothing options to choose from, along with accessories like sunglasses and lapel pins.

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