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A Head-to-Toe Guide for Patriotic Golf Outfits

John Gilbert


For many golfers, a day out on the course is about fashion just as much as playing the game. As you select your outfit for the day, you may choose to go with a theme. A patriotic theme allows you to mix in red, white and blue color designs to your wardrobe and have something comfortable to play in.

Follow our guide to dress for the course and represent your American pride at the same time.

Hat Options

Hats are essential on the golf course for blocking out the sun and preventing sun glare. When you choose a hat, go with a simple route of choosing either a red, white, or blue color base. The hat will help set the color tone and should ideally be a different color than the shirt. For example, if you wear a white golf shirt, then wear a red or blue hat.

Besides a plain hat, consider a hat with an embroidered American flag symbol in the center. The simplicity works well and is an ideal way to showcase the flag. You also have the option to find hats with American flag symbols on the side. The smaller embroidered symbol adds a nice subtle touch, and many athletic companies follow the same design process.


Polos are a common shirt of choice for the golf course, and you can find a wide range of options to choose from. If you select bold and bright colors for other parts of your outfit, then keep the polo simple with a neutral color like grey or white.

When you shop for golf polo shirts, an embroidered American flag on the shirt sleeve is a common design element. The flag is a nice little detail and adds more design to the polo.

Pants and Shorts

If you choose a neutral color for the shirt, then you have room to play around when selecting pants or shorts to golf in. Go with bolder or brighter colors like blue and red. The vivid colors will help you stand out on the golf course and can create a fun outfit you wear multiple times when you golf.

If you went with a bold top like a bright red or blue, then stick with a basic khaki option for the bottoms. Black or grey pants work as well. If you go bold with both the top and bottom, the whole outfit may be a little bright and colorful for the golf course.


When you wear shorts on the golf course, you have a chance to expand your patriotic outfit with the socks you wear. While you have to decide between bold colors for the tops and bottoms, sock options are pretty much unlimited. Select a single color for the sock or mix and match. For example, you could wear one red sock and one blue sock.

Look for patterned socks with red, white, and blue stripes or a collage of American flag symbols. If you golf regularly, change up the socks each time you go to add a little variety to your outfit and add a fun touch each time you play.


Shop for small accessories that add to the patriotic theme. For example, you could purchase a pair of sunglasses that display an American flag or add an American flag lapel pin to your outfit. You could place the pin on a hat or even on the collar of a polo shirt.

Wear red, white, or blue bracelets if the designs don't get in the way of your golf swing. Mix up the accessories each time you play to showcase fun fashion looks and designs.

Shop with us at Patriotic Colors to find some of your patriotic golf gear. Not only can you dress up to celebrate America, but you can also purchase outfits and clothes for all your golf friends.

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