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5 Ways to Wear American Flag Pins

John Gilbert


One of the more classic pins you could buy is an American flag pin. It's a small, yet powerful way to display patriotism. No matter what outfit you are wearing, you can find a way to include the pin as part of your wardrobe. Instead of switching out a pin each time, own multiple pins and use them on various pieces of apparel.

If you're unsure where to place American flag pins, then follow our guide to gather some ideas and see which options work best for your style.

1. Collars

Collars are a prominent spot for American flag pins because the pins are easy to see. The classic look has been donned by several politicians and people over the years. If you are dressed more casually in a polo or button-up shirt, then place the pin right on the corner of the collar.

If you wear a dress coat, then the pin would go a little lower than the neck collar and stick into the lapel. You also have the option of creating a symmetrical look with two pins. Place a pin on each side of the collars. Make sure the locations are even and symmetrical so the flags line up correctly.

2. Shirt Pockets

If you are dressed casually in a pocket tee, then the pocket is an ideal spot for a pin. When you connect a pin in the pocket area, the metal backer piece will not touch against your skin. If your shirt doesn't have a pocket, then you can still wear the pin in the chest area, right around your heart.

If you wear a hoodie, then you could add the pin at the lower pocket area. Choose whatever side of the hoodie you prefer to display the pin on.

3. Hats

Hats and visors offer a lot of open space to attach an American flag pin to. If you have a softer brim, then force the pin through the brim. If there's room near the front logo area of the hat, connect the pin in one of the bottom corners. Also, consider the side of the hat right near the temple area. The location is aesthetically pleasing and creates a nice element to the hat design.

4. Crocs

The holes found in Croc shoes are ideal for placing all kinds of decor and designs. Use the holes to place American flag pins. The only change you need to make is the backer on the pin. To keep your foot comfortable, you will want to use a rubber pin back instead of the standard metal one.

The rubber backers are commonly made for Crocs and used with other designs that stick into the shoe. Purchase separate rubber backs or just switch out one of your Croc shoe charms with the pin. Add an American flag pin to each shoe or create a unique design that features multiple pins in a large array.

Play around with different designs. For example, if you have a red pair of Crocs and a blue pair, then you could wear one red Croc, one blue Croc, and fill the holes with American flag pins for a truly patriotic design.

5. Backpacks

The front pockets of backpacks are ideal locations for pins. Many people display pin collections on backpacks. The pins showcase personality and create an easy to recognize bag for use with school, traveling, and everyday use. Mix in American flag pins with other Patriotic designs or pins related to the United States.

For example, you could have pins in the shapes of your favorite states. Add to your collection as the years go by with the American flag pin as the anchor point of the design.

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