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3 Unique Photo Traditions to Start With Kindergarten Students

John Gilbert

As children start school for the first time, many parents like to capture memories with photos of the occasion. Instead of just a single photo that marks the first day of kindergarten, you could start an annual tradition of photo sessions. With each passing year, you will grow your photo collection and create new memories to look back on.

As you plan out the photo traditions, you have many options to choose from and ways to mix in different apparel options.

1. Grow With Me T-Shirt Designs

As a child goes through school, they will grow and evolve as time goes on. One of the best ways to make comparisons is with a Grow With Me photo session. To plan out the session, pick out a t-shirt design and order an adult size. For each school year, you can take a picture of the child in the oversized shirt. As the child grows older, they will start to slowly fill in the shirt.

Each year, you need to safely tuck away the shirt so it remains in a clean and mint condition. You may also consider ordering multiple shirts in the same size just in case something happens to one of the shirts. Keep the shirt design simple. For example, a shirt with an American flag logo in the center is easy to track picture by picture.

When you create a final collage of all the pictures, you can match up the logos on the shirt and help the pictures line up evenly. Bold patriotic colors will print out clearly and can stand out in a large frame filled with collage pictures. You could also print out each picture in a photo book that showcases each year represented on a page.

2. Matching Family Outfits

Take the Grow With Me theme one step further by including the rest of the family. Use a matching family outfit each time you take a photo together to mark a new school year. For example, you could all wear patriotic colors to match. Each year, one parent could wear red, another could wear white, and a third person could wear blue.

The colors are easy to track and remember when each school year starts up again. Along with matching clothes, try to keep the same pose for each picture. For example, if the child stands in the center of the two parents, ensure that the child remains in the center for every picture you take.

The pictures will evolve over time and may include new additions if you add more children or pets to the mix. Play around with various styles and clothing options if the amount of people in a picture changes or grows.

3. Backpack Pins

Each year, a child may have new clothes and accessories like backpacks. If you keep one element the same, then you will have an easy comparison point. One element to repeat each year is a pin. As a child poses for photos, you can attach a pin to the back of a backpack or on one of the straps. A simple timeless pin like an American flag will work well.

For each photo, you will see the child change and evolve, but the little element remains the same. Once you choose a backpack location for the pin, try to keep the pin in the same location for all of your future pictures. You may also consider ordering extra pins of the same design just in case one of them gets lost.

Find t-shirts, pins, and other back-to-school photo inspirations through our Patriotic Colors store. Our designs and products are ideal for photography and could create a new tradition that carries on for multiple years into the future.

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