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3 Reasons to Wear Patriotic Colors

John Gilbert

Being an American is a great honor and privilege. While it's common to show that pride a few days out of the year, many people forget their American pride as soon as the patriotic holidays end. If you are a patriotic American, however, there are many ways you can show off your pride, and one of the best ways is by wearing and displaying patriotic colors. To learn more, check out these three reasons you may want to display or wear patriotic colors.

1. To Celebrate Holidays

Many people wear patriotic colors during the Fourth of July. However, while Independence Day is a great day to wear your most patriotic clothing, many other holidays could benefit from some red, white, and blue. Some of the most patriotic holidays include Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, Flag Day, Patriot Day, Constitution Day, and Columbus Day.

Of course, many people shy away from patriotic clothing because much of it seems too casual for some events. For example, you may not want to show up to your family's nice Christmas dinner in a hoodie. However, patriotic pride isn't all about over-the-top T-shirts and hoodies.

More subtle options are also available, such as polo or button-up shirts with small flag patches. If you need to get dressed up for an event, you can subtly and easily show off your patriotic pride with a flag pin. Plus, there are more patriotic products than ever before to give as gifts on these holidays.

2. To Honor Veterans

Wait, what about the veterans? Many holidays also celebrate veterans and fallen soldiers, such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day. These are also great times to wear your patriotic colors. However, instead of using them to show your love of American holidays, use them to show off your gratitude to soldiers who fight and die for American freedoms.

Even if you don't have a patriotic shirt, you can show your support by hanging a flag in your yard during these holidays. However, out of respect, make sure you fly the flag correctly. One of the most important rules is to keep the flag safe, which means treating it with respect, removing it at night, and removing it during bad weather.

If you display other flags, the American flag should be positioned above all of them. This is because you must show respect for the flag. Other ways you must show respect for the flag include displaying it the correct way, never letting it touch the ground, and never using it for advertising purposes.

3. To Show Your Pride

When it comes down to it, you don't need a special day to show off your American pride, and patriotic colors and products are a great way to do that every day of the year. You may not want to wear red, white, and blue every day, but there are many other ways to show off your pride.

You can decorate parts of your home with patriotic décor. Need new coffee cups? Get patriotic cups. Have a bare wall? Hang an American flag. However, don't stick to just your home. You can also help show off your pride by helping to support local historical monuments and locations.

Finally, there are times when you want to make sure everyone knows your love of America. During events like the Olympics and other world events, it's fun to show off your pride for your team. This is a healthy way to compete with other countries and show off your American pride.

If you're a proud American, let everyone know. Whether you prefer the look of a red, white, and blue T-shirt or the subtleness of a pin, there is an option for you. If you would like to learn more, contact us at Patriotic Colors today.

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